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#102 Top Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills to Grow Your Business with Heather Sager

Heather Sager

If you’ve been listening to Beyond Influential for even a short amount of time, you probably know I talk a lot about how personal branding is all about clarity, communication, and your audience. So it’s not just what you say – how you deliver your message is just as important. 

Articulating your message the right way can build authority, brand awareness, and truly have real business results.  I focus on this in the online space and my guest today helps you do this from the stage. 

Speaking on stage is a huge goal for so many of you in this community, so I wanted to bring in someone on whose job and expertise is helping you develop those skills so you can get closer to those goals.

I’m excited to introduce you to this week’s guest, Heather Sager.

Heather is a speaking coach and the host of the Finding Your It Factor Podcast. She is dedicated to bringing your brand to life through magnetic communication and making it a win for your business.  Over the past 15 years, Heather Sager has done almost 1000 presentations and helps business owners communicate in a way that creates an engaging experience for their audience. 

Episode 102 is jam-packed with value and a ton of actionable tips and insights into public speaking – including what makes a good presentation and how to develop the skills you need to be an excellent public speaker.

We cover:

  • How a rare genetic disorder led her to an unexpected career
  • How to get better thinking on your feet 
  • Feedback: Why being specific is important & her 3:1 critique ratio
  • What makes (and how to develop) a compelling presentation
  • What you need to do (and not do) before going on stage
  • Getting comfortable on stage: How to improve your stage presence & body language 
  • On-camera presentations vs. in-person – how are they different?
  • Why you should focus on only one person, and more!

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