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Victoria’s Secret Rebranding, Rethinking Athlete Influence & Spotify’s Huge Moves: Unfiltered #2

Victoria’s Secret Rebranding Beyond Influential Unfiltered

If you missed last week’s episode, it was the first episode of Beyond Influential Unfiltered, which is my more real-time twist on the traditional solo episode, where I get to give off-the-cuff commentary and hot takes on relevant news and topics related to influence, share behind the scenes of my business (and business in general!), and any recent trends you need to know about that I’m keeping an eye on!

Oh, and by the way, it’s all on VIDEO! You can watch below or jump over to YouTube, where you can watch, like and subscribe! 

Think of BI Unfiltered as solo episodes on steroids.

And don’t worry—you’ll still be getting all of the Beyond Influential interviews you know and love, and there’s a great one coming out next week that I know will be really valuable for you.  

If you listened to last week’s Unfiltered episode, it was more freeform to test and learn. This week’s episode is a little more structured and really hits on branding, business, and mental health in the context of some current trending topics including the Victoria’s Secret rebranding, rethinking obligations pro athletes have to sponsors and the events they participate in, some thoughts on moves Spotify is making in the audio space, including the Call Her Daddy’s Spotify deal, and more!

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Video Timestamps

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:44 Cristiano Ronaldo Coke snub
00:06:08 HBO Max Email F-up
00:09:35 Naomi Osaka withdrawing from Wimbledon
00:24:19 How the press questions women
00:30:52 Victoria’s Secret rebrand
00:51:12 Call Her Daddy + Alex Cooper Spotify deal
01:00:40 More on the French Open & Victoria’s Secret
01:18:06 Spotify’s moves in the audio space


Referenced Articles & Images

Cristiano Ronaldo snub sees Coca-Cola market value fall by $4bn

Intern Blamed for HBO Max Email Snafu Receives Outpouring of Support Online

World No. 2 Naomi Osaka withdraws from Wimbledon to take ‘personal time with friends and family’

Victoria’s Secret Swaps Angels for ‘What Women Want.’ Will They Buy It?

Spotify Acquires Podz, a Podcast Discovery Platform


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