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Whitney Eckis on Building a Loyal Community Around Your Brand While Embracing Change

Building Brand Loyalty While Embracing Change with Whitney Eckis

Change is inevitable, and right now, change is happening across the board for brands and businesses. 

This week’s episode is an interview with Whitney Eckis, founder of Eckis Marketing, a full-service marketing agency that elevates brands through social media marketing, influencer relations, and brand development strategy based out of San Diego, CA. (If her name sounds familiar, you might remember her from Beyond Influential Ep. 66 Influence is a Business where we chatted on her podcast, Under the Influence.)

Whitney has worked with major brands like Marriott, Hilton, Soul Cycle, SUJA, Kopari, the list goes on – but even more important than the names she’s worked with, she is someone I see as a true practitioner in this social space and also a very community-driven entrepreneur, which is obvious when you hear the interview. 

Full transparency, I almost rescheduled this interview out of respect for all of the different shifts going on. I wanted to make sure I was respecting Whitney’s time and energy as a business owner. But in true powerhouse fashion, she said she was down to be transparent about what’s going on and we went from there. 

We not only discuss how she’s currently adjusting in her own business, but also how she is working with her clients to adjust their brand positioning during this time. 

On Episode 118, we cover: 

  • The evolution of her agency: How she got started and how she has pivoted (and continues to adjust) her business along the way
  • Her biggest mistakes & why you can’t be afraid to start over when something’s not working
  • Tips for new entrepreneurs: Pricing your services, how to communicate with clients & her approach to team building
  • Building Brand Loyalty: How to create it authentically & why community is critical to staying in business 
  • Current social media and influencer marketing trends 
  • How brands are adjusting their online messaging, tactics, and events in this time of social distancing and more!




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