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Why Your Personal Brand Is Important: How to Make Yourself Recession-Proof

How to Make Yourself Recession-Proof

On last week’s Beyond Influential Episode 119, I gave my thoughts on how to pivot without panic so you can adjust your brand strategy in a way that grows your business with integrity.

I also gave the caveat that if you aren’t ready to hear advice right now – that is totally understandable. Right now, many people are dealing with very real situations. There really is no sugarcoating it – there’s just real sh*t going on out there. 

Whether you feel like you’re surviving or thriving right now, this week’s topic will be relevant to you: personal branding.  

It’s no secret I’m all about personal branding, but you might not know the whole story as to why. 

What happens when the “safe” route isn’t safe? I am a product of the last recession, and that has 100% shaped who I am today and my outlook on business and brand-building. And I know what’s going on with COVID-19 is likely going to produce similar feelings and reactions. 

How to Make Yourself Recession-Proof

This episode is one straight from my personal experience – a personal brand isn’t a nice to have–it’s necessary. It’s your insurance policy, and you can make it an extra asset to help you survive no matter what is going on with the economy. Even more importantly, if you’ve been feeling directionless or powerless, building your personal brand can make you feel in control (and in the driver’s seat). 

On this short solo Beyond Influential Ep. 120, I cover:

  • Personal branding: What is a personal brand, what it can do for you & why you need to be building yours today
  • Why a strong personal brand is critical for recession-proofing you, your business, and your future
  • Why this time is an opportunity to be intentional and thoughtful with your next moves
  • Where to start building your personal brand online: The first steps to take
  • The importance of being extremely clear in your goals and messaging, and more!


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