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#28 Danielle Prahl on Six Figure Online Course Launch Strategies, The 6-Figure Virtual Assistant & Having a Six Figure Mindset

Six Figure Online Course - anielle prahl brittany krystle beyond influential podcast

Danielle Prahl is digital marketing strategist turned business coach, a best selling author, a mom, and an online course launching queen! She’s the woman behind many of the biggest 6 & 7 figure course launches online. She has worked with names like Jasmine Star & Jenna Kutcher to make sure that their launches go off as smoothly as possible.

She loves to help women BE, DO, and HAVE it all. Helping generate over 22 million in sales for her clients since 2017, Danielle loves to use automation to help her clients leverage their skills online.

This episode also has some *bonus content* at the end. There were a few topics that we weren’t able to hit during our time together. So Danielle graciously offered to record those answers. They are right at the very end of the episode after she tells us where we can find her.

For people who are considering the online course route for their business, this is a MUST listen.

On this episode, we talk:
  • -Her process for 6 & 7 figure online course launches! The tips, tools, automations, and strategies she uses to get results!
  • -How Danielle built a 6 Figure Virtual Assistant business after a conman left her broke (and then how she went on to build her current business)
  • -What makes a great VA and how to find a good one when you need one
  • -The biggest mistakes she sees when people are launching (and more!)


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