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#41 Q&A: Brittany Krystle on Instagram’s Follow Unfollow Method, “Free” Content & the #AskGaryVee Book Launch Strategy

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I get a good amount of questions related to personal branding, entrepreneurship, content and growth strategies that I thought it was time for a solo episode! I love doing these Q&A’s so please feel free to send me your questions.


1:37: Question 1: Hey Brittany, I’d like to get your opinion on this – I have a consulting business where I consult for businesses and personal brands based on content marketing and I’m debating whether or not it’s a smart move to hire as a first employee a full-time content creator for myself to spread the word on what I do. My thinking is that if I can show people by example (à la Garyvee) people would be sold way faster. Would love your input on this.

5:38: Question 2: Is it unethical to use Instagram growth tools & automated software?

9:51: Question 3: Does follow/ unfollow work?

13:18: Question 4: Do you care who unfollows you?

15:57: Question 5: What’s your stance on free content vs. paywalling?

18:36: Question 6: For those who are in the employee space and not leaving soon, do you have any personal branding tips?

21:34: Question 7: Why do most podcasters push their audience to iTunes?

22:48: Question 8: I know you help Gary with the #AskGaryVee book launch – I’d love to know what you did and best practices you uncovered.

*FREEBIE: For those who don’t know, I’ve been hot on building brand on LinkedIn for pretty much every industry. If you haven’t been on LinkedIn in a while or if you just haven’t updated your profile, I created a free checklist to make sure you’re up to date and answering the right questions with your LinkedIn bio. You can get it at

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