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#46 Mindset for Entrepreneurs: Money Beliefs, Launch Mentality & Getting Paid What You’re Worth with Danielle Prahl (Round 2)

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Danielle Prahl brought so much value in our last interview that I had to have her back on for an impromptu round 2. Not only is Danielle a  6 & 7 figure digital launch & automation expert, but she is also a mindset mentor for women who want to have it all.

Success is a mental game and the farther along I get in my business, the more important working on my mindset becomes. Mindset has been something I’ve been focusing on more and more recently because I do think it’s the difference in getting what you really want when it comes to achieving your goals in your business, your brand, your influence, and your life. So I’m going to be talking a lot more about mindset on this podcast as I share my own journey.

I thought it’d be cool to do a behind the scenes of the types of things Danielle and I talk about as friends, but also answer questions that I thought would be helpful for all of you as you build your own influence. Danielle also has a new podcast called “Rule Breaker, Dream Maker”  and she’s just one of my favorite people. 

On this episode, we talk:

  • -Mindset coaches: do they work & what do they actually do?
  • -Common launch mindset issues & how to tackle them
  • -Money mindset & limiting beliefs
  • -Getting paid what you’re worth & more!

If you missed my Round 1 with Danielle, you can listen here or here!

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