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#58 What It Really Takes to Start, Build, & Run a Digital Agency in 2019 with Mikhail Alfon (Part I)

Mikhail Alfon - brittany krystle beyond influential podcast

We are now firmly into 2019 and I am really excited about the interview you’re about to hear because it’s very timely, but evergreen at the same time. Not only that, but it really sets the tone for the direction I am taking the Beyond Influential Podcast this year: honest, open, and valuable.

My guest this week is Mikhail Alfon. Mikhail is not only my friend and frequent collaborator, but he is the co-founder and President of Blue Light Media, a digital agency in Orange County that works with businesses of all sizes from small to Fortune 500.

I’ve literally been watching Mikhail Alfon build his business day by day, brick by brick, in this digital space. Not only could I not be more proud of him and his successes so far, he is a prime example of the blood, sweat, and tears it really takes to build a digital agency from the ground up.
I broke this into a Part 1 and Part 2 because we had such a relevant and free flowing conversation that it didn’t feel right to cut any of it out.
In Part 1, we talk podcasting, mindset, personal branding, niching down, Mikhail’s story (which is pretty insane!), poker, entrepreneurship, client relations and more!

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