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#62 Michael Bosstick on the Business of Podcasting: Monetization, Growth & Influencers

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I get a ton of questions related to podcasting and the business of podcasting and on this episode we’re going deep!

My guest this week is Michael Bosstick, the CEO of Dear Media, a podcast network focusing on female hosts and voices. He’s also the co-host of a The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast that he records with his wife Lauryn Evarts. At the time of this recording, their podcast has 26 million downloads and counting. I’ve been a listener since the early days of their podcast and I love that they’ve embraced podcasting as a medium. Michael is also a serial entrepreneur in his own right, which we’ll get in to in this episode.

I had a great conversation with Michael around 6 months back on podcasting that I wish was recorded, so I really wanted to have a conversation with him this time on the record about all things podcasting.

We talk about what he’s building at Dear Media, podcast networks, podcast monetization, podcast platforms, growth, distribution, influencers, the future of audio… if it’s related to podcasting we talked about it.

With that, please enjoy my in-depth conversation with Michael Bosstick.

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