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#77 Ingrid De La Mare – Kenny (Part 2): on Turning Adversity into Influence, Dealing with Haters, & Living the Gangster Chic Lifestyle

Ingrid De La Mare

This week’s episode is Part 2 of my very candid conversation with Monaco-based fitness and wellness entrepreneur, Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny. If you haven’t listened to Part 1, go back and listen here because her background really gives context into why her brand, business, and influence is what it is today, and why it’s going to continue to grow and why I have such respect for her.

In Part 2, we dig into all about how Ingrid left fashion and moved to Monaco, her transition to fitness, and how she started The Method and leveraged the online space and Instagram to grow. We’re going to talk about her product lines, how she develops products, her content creation process, how she’s growing her business, how she deals with haters, and what her gangster chic lifestyle philosophy is all about and more. So please enjoy my Part 2 interview with the gritty and chic Ingrid De La Mare – Kenny.

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