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#84 Arielle Levy on the Business of Influencer Photography: How to Leverage Instagram to Niche Down, Attract Ideal Clients & Take a Photo that Sells

Arielle Levy

One of the things I love about the business world is that there’s always a deep dive to be had into what’s going on behind the scenes – there are always “people behind the people.” Nobody succeeds in business alone, and it’s often those people and processes that are critical to executing the vision. 

Enter Arielle Levy, our guest for today’s Beyond Influential. Arielle is a talented artist with an incredible eye for detail and aesthetics who works expertly behind the lens to bring top influencers’ visions to life. 

Arielle is an Influencer Photographer & Brand Content Creator for lifestyle, fashion, and beauty bloggers throughout San Diego, and you’ve likely saved her photos as inspo for your own brand  (think Skinny Confidential’s Lauryn Evarts).

In this episode, not only does Arielle give us the scoop on how she transitioned to her dream job as a photographer (including her pricing experiments, the value of niching down, and the Instagram hashtag hacks that brought in her ideal clients), but also her best photography secrets – from location and posing tips, to flat lay photography, and the exact editing apps and resources she herself uses!

Arielle brought the value in this episode! Whether you’re an entrepreneur in the market for a photographer, an influencer looking for some picture perfect tips, or a professional photographer yourself seeking to learn from the best, this is one episode you won’t want to miss.

We cover: 

  • Pricing strategies to attract your ideal client;
  • Hashtags and marketing through Instagram;
  • The value in niching down;
  • How to style your profile feed attractively and take the perfect flat-lay;
  • Ideal lightings, poses, locations, and content that sells;
  • Arielle’s client process, biggest struggles, and how she manages a hectic schedule;
  • Favorite editing apps, resources, and strategies;
  • And more!

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