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Cathy Heller on How to Authentically Build The Relationships That Turn Your Passion into Profits

Cathy Heller on How to Authentically Build The Relationships That Turn Your Passion into Profits

There is so much magic that happens when you can make others feel seen and heard. Your personal brand, your business, to get what you want in life is never actually about you, it’s always about your audience – whoever they may be. My guest this week is a master in the art of making people feel valued and asking the questions that show you truly care. (The ones that make people say, “No one ever asks me that!”)

Cathy Heller is the host of the top business podcast, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, (which has been downloaded almost 15 million times!) where she chats about how to turn your passion into a purposeful and profitable career with a who’s who guest list of entrepreneurs and creatives including Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, actress Jenna Fischer, Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer, musician Lisa Loeb, and more. Based on her podcast, she also recently released her book Don’t Keep Your Day Job, all about helping you find your purpose. 

After taking a very non-traditional path, Cathy Heller is now a multi 7-figure earner and has built multiple businesses by being a great listener and paying attention to her market. She has done this successfully in the music industry and as a business coach, speaker, and mom.

 Sometimes, I think we have to see failure as not being failure, it’s just feedback. And rejection is redirection.”

On Beyond Influential Episode #114, we talk about Cathy’s journey to find her purpose – both the highs and the lows, including how she strategically worked her way to a record deal with Interscope Records and then dealt with the fallout of being dropped from the label; how she redirected her passion and built a very successful business around songwriting for tv shows and commercials; and how she went on to grow a juggernaut podcast and other thriving business ventures by using her personalized approach to establishing meaningful connections.

This week’s episode is all about navigating the path to find your purpose, pushing past failure, and creating and investing in those deep, authentic relationships that continue to pay back exponentially over time.


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