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#107 Easy Workspace Tweaks That All Entrepreneurs Should Make with Melissa Steach, PhD, of Herman Miller

Easy Workspace Tweaks

Raise your hand if you’ve ever sat down to work and the next thing you know, it’s five hours later and you haven’t moved from your chair.

Yeah, me too. 

Lately I’ve been noticing the physical side effects of hustle life, so I’ve been looking at ways to optimize and invest in my health (which is really an investment in my business).

Tweaks as simple as changing how you sit and what you’re sitting on (turns out a chair isn’t just a chair) actually makes a huge difference to your body when you’re putting in those long hours… which is why I am redesigning my home office to make sure I have a set up that supports me and my goals!

And I’m fortunate to have a friend who specializes in exactly that.

I have an incredible guest for you on this week’s episode of Beyond Influential. I want to introduce you to Melissa Steach PhD, Workplace Wellbeing Knowledge Lead, West U.S. & West Canada region for Herman Miller. Melissa has a PhD in industrial-organizational psychology, and is a certified ergonomist. She’s also a best-selling author and an award-winning fine artist.

Melissa supports and consults with Herman Miller’s clients on the latest workplace wellbeing research and knowledge that businesses need to know. She joins me for this episode to talk all things ergonomics, office furniture, and most importantly, actionable tips that will help you improve your physical working experience, whether you’re an employee in an office or an entrepreneur working remotely.

We cover:

  • What ergonomics is and why it matters
  • Herman Miller’s human-first approach to design & how they’ve stayed an iconic brand for over 100+ years
  • How to evaluate your workspace and the right questions to ask–whether you work from home, office, or remotely!
  • Best practices when you sit to work (Yes, how you sit is important!)
  • What to look at when picking office furniture & why it’s worth investing in high-quality pieces 
  • The small tweaks in your workspace you can make TODAY 
  • And more!


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