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#89 Getting to Yes with 5 Easy Sales Pitch Tips

Brittany at laptop blogging about 5 easy sales pitch tips

My inbox is littered with them and so are my DM’s and my social feeds. I know for a fact you’ve cringed before deleting more than a few of them…

The spammy hard sell. People directly asking you to give up your time, money, and attention for a product, service, or whatever with no relationship to you and with no context on what you need or want. 

Being pitched the wrong way is exactly why most people avoid anything having to do with “sales,” but the simple fact is: You need to be able to sell no matter what you do. Even if you never make a cold call in your life, you are in a sales business – whether you’re selling a product or service, pitching yourself as a guest on a podcast, or applying for a job. 

Sales is a life skill. 

The good news: there IS a way to hard sell that gets you what you want AND provides value without making anyone feel gross… and it does NOT need to be hard to do. 

In today’s episode, I talk:

  • Why sales strategy is unavoidable;
  • Biggest hard-selling mistakes to avoid;
  • The 2 essential factors to every successful sale;
  • 5 tips for creating the ultimate sales pitch (that even YOU can’t say no to!);
  • How to personalize a pitch and get the “yes!!”;
  • The Law of Reciprocity;
  • Plus so much more!
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This may be a spoiler alert, but one of the best ways to succeed with any kind of sales pitch is to be incredibly CLEAR on who you are, what you offer, who needs it and why. Need help with that? Join the waitlist for the Clarity Course, coming soon!


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