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#110 Hitha Palepu on Why You Should Be Betting on Female Founders

Hitha Palepu

One of my favorite quotes from Curb Your Enthusiasm is when Larry David is having a boring conversation at a dinner party and he completely (and awkwardly) changes the conversation because  “I’m trying to elevate small talk to medium talk.”

Like Larry, I’m not interested in small talk either. So I want to introduce you to my guest this week who has been raising the bar on conversations happening on Instagram, Hitha Palepu.

Hitha Palepu is a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, investor, mom, and the author of How To Pack: Travel Smart For Any Trip. Not only is her resume impressive, but she has been bringing a new level of conversation to Instagram with her #5smartreads every weekday that is educational and informational on a broad range of topics from business to healthcare. (And she’ll be launching her podcast, 1 Smart Thing, next month!)

On this episode, we cover:

  • How Hitha got into the pharma business (not exactly the easiest one to enter!). How to win as a start-up in the healthcare industry
  • Investing & Advising: How she got started & why she prefers to work with powerhouse female founders
  • Networking: The importance of finding your tribe in business
  • Her content creation evolution: from blogging to published author to bringing a fresh perspective to Instagram
  • Why she walked away from a successful blog (& what’s next for her content!)
  • How she stays productive while balancing work and family life…
  • And more!


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