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How to Use Your Personal Brand to Stand Out From the Crowd with Brittany Krystle & Christina Galbato

pillars of personal branding online

I always take your feedback seriously, but especially during a time where tensions are high, I want to make sure I’m sharing exactly what will be most helpful to you. 

Based on your DM’s, emails, and questions (if you have any, you can submit them here), learning more about personal branding online right now is incredibly important to you, which is why for this week’s episode, I am sharing an interview I did for influencer and online educator, Christina Galbato’s Her Life By Design podcast, where we talk all about it. 

Please note: this conversation took place in early January so I just want to be clear that the tone of the interview is from a pre-Coronavirus world, but the information is highly relevant and I want to make sure to put it out there in case it can be useful to you while you’re quarantining and social distancing.   

On Episode 117, we cover:

  • The three important pillars of personal branding online
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about being pigeonholed
  • How being honest and open makes you stand out from the competition
  • Why LinkedIn is a huge opportunity for dream collaborations 
  • Why you don’t need to be on every platform to grow your influence
  • And why your follower count isn’t the most important metric you should be paying attention to, and more!