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#31: Brittany Krystle: Ask Me Anything About Personal Branding Online

personal branding online - Brittany Krystle
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After 30 straight weeks of interviews, I thought it was about time to do a solo episode! This episode is dedicated to the topic that I’ve built my business on: personal branding online. I asked my audience on LinkedIn & Instagram to  “Ask Me Anything” about personal branding and they delivered with some great questions.

If you’d like your questions answered on a future episode, the next round will be sourced from my email list & from iTunes reviews. If you haven’t already, head to to sign up for my email list OR you can leave me a review on iTunes and include your question.

I tried to choose questions that had a lot of overlap to other questions that were submitted.

Topics covered include:
  • -Personal branding online vs. Business brand or both?
  • -How to grow a personal brand around a podcast
  • Instagram growth tips
  • -Which platform if I could only choose one
  • -Approaching multiple pillars in your messaging
  • -Why I love podcasting (& more!)

*Please excuse the two portions where the audio sounds a little funky.

*FREEBIE: For those who don’t know, I’ve been hot on building brand on LinkedIn for pretty much every industry. If you haven’t been on LinkedIn in a while or if you just haven’t updated your profile, I created a free checklist to make sure you’re up to date and answering the right questions with your LinkedIn bio. You can get it at

Show Notes & Timestamps

2:34 INTRO – My 3 C’s to Personal Branding: clarity, consistent content, and community

3:50  Q1 – ‘Personal brand’ vs ‘Start a company with its own brand’, or both?

5:49 Q2 – How do you build a personal brand around a podcast?

8:45 Q3 – “Tips for building a personal brand around content creation on Instagram — I’ve cleaned up my aesthetic a ton and I’ve been consistently posting daily the past few weeks with no net change in followers. I’m really interested to crack that code.”

12:22 Q4 – How can someone approach multiple pillars to their brand without seeming scattered in messaging?

15:18 Q5 – If you could only be on one platform, which one would it be?

17:10 Q6 – How do you approach brand strategy differently for a thriving business as opposed to a start up?

19:45 Q7 – Do you have criteria for a post before you share it?

20:22 Q8 – What do you love about podcasting, if you do, and how has podcasting changed your life?





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