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#49 Your 10 Year Vision, Impacting Millions & Being Addicted2Success with Joel Brown

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Joel Brown is the founder of the digital media company, which he built from scratch to the #1 Motivation website with over 154 Million Views Worldwide. His Podcast “Addicted2Success” has received over 3.1 Million plays and has featured 100’s of the worlds most successful thought leaders in business, motivation, and spirituality- we are talking Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Tim Ferriss and more. Not to mention Joel’s heavy social media reach across platforms of 2.6+ million as well.


On a personal note: I actually recorded this in June and it’s the one episode I’ve held on to the longest to release and I want to tell you why. Originally it was for a strategic reason, I didn’t think the summer with everyone traveling and it possibly falling through the cracks was the right time to put out this episode. I wanted to be able to give this episode the push it deserved. And now listening back on it, I realize that this episode is even more relevant for me personally now than it was at the time.

On this episode, we cover:
  • -Why you should create your 10 year vision (& where to start)
  • -How Joel built Addicted2Success from 0 to impacting millions
  • -We talk content, personal branding, mindset, business coaching & more!


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