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#73 Personal Branding: Getting Started, Finding Your Voice & Why Linkedin (The Mommy Millionaire Podcast)

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Whenever I do an interview or have a conversation that gets great feedback from someone else’s audience, I always want to make sure to share it with you too. Every interviewer has a different style, perspective, and focus, which means there are always different tidbits and takeaways (and of course as my business evolves, my answers change too!).
I was recently a guest on Cayla Craft’s The Mommy Millionaire podcast. If you don’t know who Cayla, she is a former nurse now self-made millionaire, a mom of 3, and serial entrepreneur (she’s also an author, content creator, podcaster.. the list goes on). She and I were connected through a mutual friend, but we hit it off because there was immediate mutual respect. She is straight to the point and wastes zero time, which I love. On top of that, her sales skills are next level… so next level that next week’s episode is an interview I did with her about her sales process and how exactly she scaled to 7 figures and beyond.
On this episode, we cover:
  • Personal branding: Why you need to get started & how
  • Finding your voice & content creation
  • Passive income & course creation
  • LinkedIn: why it’s the platform to be on
  • The one question I ask myself every day & more!

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