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#74 Cayla Craft on 7-Figure Sales Strategies, Mindset, Masterminds & Becoming Mommy Millionaire

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Last week, Cayla Craft aka Mommy Millionaire interviewed me on all things personal branding, finding your voice, and LinkedIn (If you missed it, click here to listen).

This week I’m incredibly excited to share my interview with her. Cayla is a former nurse turned self made millionaire and lifestyle entrepreneur. She’s also an author, podcaster, content creator… you name it.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I re-listened to this episode and took notes for myself. Cayla is a woman of many talents, but it’s really an understatement to call her a sales machine. Sales is an area that makes a lot of people uncomfortable and while Cayla is naturally talented at it, we get into the nitty gritty of her process and she really let me dig in.

On this episode, we talk:

  • Cayla’s 7-figure sales process & strategies
  • Mindset: her favorite & most effective practices
  • The importance of masterminds & investing in yourself
  • Common sales objections & how to overcome them
  • How she’s evolving her business & more!

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