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#80 Stacy Tuschl on What it Takes to Make 7-Figures, Investing in Yourself, & Creating Unstoppable Foot Traffic to Your Small Business

Stacy Tuschl

For today’s guest, the ever-talented multipreneur Stacy Tuschl, navigating the polar worlds of brick-and-mortar businesses and the online space, is just another day in the office.

From starting her own dance studio in her parent’s backyard when she was fresh out of high school (quickly becoming a 7-figure business!), to spontaneously deciding to create a second, online business coaching empire simply for the challenge, Stacy is as saavy with business as they come, but also not afraid to jump outside of her comfort zone to learn what she doesn’t know.

When it comes to the concerns, marketing strategies, and priorities of brick-and-mortar businesses and the online space, it can sometimes seem like there’s a big divide between the two, with a physical business seeming “old school.” This is why I’m so blown away by Stacy; who not only forged an empire for herself in both worlds, but now teaches other local business owners through her programs and content how to further their impact using strategic online marketing.

Tune in below to hear Stacy Tuschl tell it herself, including valuable insights on:

  • How she developed her business to be unique in the marketplace
  • Pricing: how to figure out what to charge
  • The recipe to creating a 7-figure business that can function entirely on it’s own!
  • The steps she took to approaching online marketing, deciding what works and what doesn’t
  • The incredible value in investing in yourself
  • How she launched her first mastermind, podcast, events, and more
  • The differences between brick-and-mortar and online businesses. Plus, the marketing strategies that work for both
  • How to scale up while niching down
  • Gender dynamics in the coaching world
  • Balancing running a household with running a business
  • The best strategies in hiring/building a team!

You’ll want to bust out the notes for this one!


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