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#81 How LinkedIn Can Revolutionize Your Brand with Brittany Krystle & Stacy Tuschl on The Foot Traffic Podcast

How LinkedIn Can Revolutionize Your Brand

Ever wonder what you should change right now on your LinkedIn profile to start getting results? Curious if LinkedIn is even worth your time, suitable for your business niche, or where your ideal clients would hide out?

Well, I’ve got something special for you today…

Last week I was honored to have a conversation with the fabulous Stacy Tuschl, who is a rockstar in both the brick-and-mortar world AND the online space – the two of us talked all things marketing mindset, the value in investing in yourself, and what it takes to build not one, but two 7-figure businesses, both on and offline. (If you missed this episode, check it out here).

Now it’s my turn in the hot seat and I’m so excited to share my interview from Stacy’s The Foot Traffic Podcast, who asked some amazing questions on my favorite subject: the power of LinkedIn!

Stacy and I first met through the lovely Jasmine Star, who slipped Stacy a note in Lewis Howes’ mastermind, middle-school style, with my name scribbled on it as the expert to talk to when it came to building her own personal brand through LinkedIn. (Side note: It’s so humbling and exciting to hear other business strategists I respect, like Jasmine, are dropping my name…)

That being said, I don’t care how many times I have to repeat it: if you’re wanting to grow your personal brand (no matter what your industry!) you need to be using LinkedIn TODAY.

In this episode, we talk:

  • What makes LinkedIn unique compared to other platforms (and why you need to be active on it NOW)
  • The types of businesses/niches LinkedIn works for (hint: it’s all of them)
  • Whether or not your ideal client is even on LinkedIn (and how to help them find you)
  • The simple changes you can make to optimize your profile today
  • My “3 Branding Laws”
  • Top mistakes users make and what NOT to do
  • How to sell yourself and your products on LinkedIn (even without ever having to create content!)
  • Mastering the art of content creation for busy people! (And more!)


If you’d rather listen on iTunes, CLICK HERE.

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Last week’s episode of Beyond Influential: #80 Stacy Tuschl on What it Takes to Make 7-Figures, Investing in Yourself, & Creating Unstoppable Foot Traffic to Your Small Business
My interview on The Foot Traffic Podcast
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