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#85 Realistic Online Business Expectations With Danielle Prahl

Realistic Online Business Expectations - Danielle and Brittany

Online business expert (and my bff) Danielle and I are back at it again in this latest Beyond Influential episode. To be honest, I don’t think there’s ever a time we meet up to chat for a bit and don’t end up masterminding together. So, we were having a conversation and after only a couple of minutes I realized; “Hey, we should probably be recording this…” and I’m glad that I did!

Together we unpacked (okay, maybe ranted a little..) the behind the scenes of what it takes to run an online business. We talked about realistic expectations and metrics and in-depth look at the intricate process of creating passive income. Also, we talked about what it actually takes to launch new products.

Danielle and I get detailed in this episode (Ep. 85), covering everything from:

  • Moreover, we’re sharing eal-life conversion rates, ad spend, outsourcing, and the time it takes to build a “sellable” audience;
  • Whether or not passive income is a viable modern day business solution;
  • How to deal with haters, maintaining reasonable expectations, and why you should never stop studying your own industry (no matter your level of expertise!);
  • How often you should be creating content and the type of content to post. Also, how to be unique in a commoditized market;
  • Why it’s important to quantify your expertise with tangible results – whether your own, or results you’ve achieved for the businesses of others and more!

So, if you’ve been wanting an honest insider look at how the average person can start developing their own streams of passive income, complete with the mindset needed for a thriving business? This episode is for you.


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