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#79 How Personal Relationships Affect Your Brand & Business with Brittany Krystle & Danielle Prahl

personal relationships by Brittany Krystle & Danielle Prahl

On today’s episode, we are digging deep into a topic that truly affects everyone’s business: personal relationships.

Relationships can have a huge effect on our careers and professional journeys in both the short term and long term, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not. I am NOT a relationship expert and I definitely don’t claim to be, but I am someone who has had to make large decisions that have affected my personal life in order to get what I want in my professional life, and large decisions in my professional life to benefit my personal life. I’ve had to prioritize and sacrifice on both sides over the last decade and it’s a balancing act that doesn’t end, especially since our partners are evolving and changing alongside us.

I brought my bff and online business expert Danielle Prahl back to join me in this conversation because she has had completely different relationship experiences (divorce, being a single mom, co-parenting) to provide additional insights I might not have. [If you don’t know who Danielle is, scroll down for our previous episodes together!]

With that in mind, we dig into:

  • How personal relationships affect your business
  • The importance of support from those closest to you
  • How settling for less than you deserve affects other areas of your life
  • Top tips for balancing romantic relationships with business
  • Being fully in or fully out
  • If your partner’s personal brand and reputation is a reflection of your own
  • Women-specific cultural judgements
  • Communicating expectations with your partner and more!


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