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Behind the Scenes of the Beyond Influential Podcast: Getting Started, My Interview Process, and How I Pitch & Connect with Dream Guests

How to Land New Clients & Get Hired Using Your Personal Brand

Ready to go behind the scenes of Beyond Influential? As I get close to the 4-year anniversary of the show, I’ve received a lot of questions about my process, as well as podcasting in general (and it’s been way too long since I’ve done an episode on!).

On this week’s episode, we’re turning the tables and Shannon O’Donovan from my team is interviewing me. I’m answering the questions we’ve collected from Instagram, emails, DMs, and Beyond Influential Backstagers, and I’m excited to share it all!

On Ep. 167, we chat about behind the scenes of the Beyond Influential podcast:

  • Why I started Beyond Influential and how it has evolved over time
  • How I pitch guests to be on the show
  • My interview process: How I prepare for interviews, connect with my guests, and actually conduct the interview
  • My favorite episodes, hardest interviews, and my dream guests
  • The vision for Beyond Influential moving forward, and so much more!


2:30    Why did you start a podcast?
11:00   How did you name your podcast?
15:32    How do you keep improving your skills as an interviewer?
22:59    How has being a guest on other shows affected your approach as an interviewer?
32:52    How has Beyond Influential evolved over time?
43:23    How do you decide who to interview?
1:09:38   How do pitch someone to be on the podcast?
1:16:47   How do you prepare for interviews?
1:23:25   How do you build rapport with your guests?
1:28:11    What do you do during an interview?
1:33:30   Which episodes have been your favorites so far?
1:40:46   Who are your dream guests?
1:45:15    What have been the hardest interviews?
1:50:30   Have you released any episodes you weren’t entirely happy with?
1:58:48   What’s the vision for Beyond Influential moving forward?


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