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#86 How to Start Setting Boundaries in Your Business with Danielle Prahl

How to Start Setting Boundaries in Your Business

There’s a pattern I’ve seen over and over again that has huge consequences in today’s entrepreneurial world: our educational system and traditional workplaces groom people to be “employees” and not leaders and business owners. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with serving others; when it comes to business, true service – no matter who you are or what you sell – is the one ingredient you can’t do without. However, this “employee culture” traps us in an endless cycle of people-pleasing and putting others’ needs above our own.

In the professional world specifically, there’s a widely held belief (whether you’re a business owner or not), it’s all about whatever the client (or boss, or manager…) wants, whenever the client wants it, and we deliver above and beyond – no matter how many late nights we cram in, or what it costs us in the end.  

A bad client is still money in your pocket, right? 

Wrong – and I’m telling you why in today’s episode of Beyond Influential.

Joining me yet again for  Episode #86 is the fabulous Danielle Prahl, and together we talk all about establishing boundaries in your business and personal life, breaking bad habits, the myth of work-life balance, and saying goodbye to the “employee” culture to truly embrace the mindset of a CEO.

We share the strategic changes we’ve made that have not only allowed us to build successful businesses, but also given us the space to love what we do (which leads to even more and faster business growth!).

Today, we dig into:

  • Boundaries: Why they are hard to set (and why I had never had them!)
  • How to serve your clients well, without compromising your values, sanity, or time;
  • The #1 solution to burnout and how to deal with problem clients;
  • Finding that perfect work-life balance;
  • Being the CEO: The mindset needed to make more money with less work, while getting the results you want from people;
  • Why money, successes, and what you’re doing in your business shouldn’t be a taboo subject;
  • Tips on organizing your weekly schedule – tracking your time, focus, and mood, before learning to prioritize on what gets results; and
  • How to be self-aware of your emotions, needs, and triggers to set the right boundaries in your business and personal life.

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