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The Biggest Mistakes & Lessons Learned as Entrepreneurs with Jen Morilla & Christina Galbato

The Biggest Mistakes & Lessons Learned as Entrepreneurs with Jen Morilla & Christina Galbato

Have you ever freaked out about a mistake you’ve made in your business and had to call on your business besties to get you through it?

There is no “perfect” in entrepreneurship and you need to have people you trust around you who will give it to you straight (and also hype you up when you need it!). Let’s face it, it’s not a matter of will a mistake happen, but rather when will a mistake happen and how do I recover

The Biggest Mistakes & Lessons Learned as Entrepreneurs with Jen Morilla & Christina Galbato

On this week’s episode, I want to share a raw and real conversation with the two women I reach out to when I need a business gut check, my girls Jen Morilla and Christina Galbato. We’ve been supporting each other behind the scenes for a while, sharing our mishaps, “oh sh*t” moments, and our fair share of fear-inducing Zoom calls, text messages, and voice memos that we work through together. 

Episode 131 is a true behind-the-scenes—no sugarcoating—where we dive into everything from how we break past our perfectionism to learning to embrace all aspects of the journey. We unpack the lessons we’ve learned the hard way around monetizing, building our brands, building our teams, building our businesses, making friends in the space… you name it!

Get ready to sit in on a few business girlfriends chatting about how we support each other in business through failures and wins!  

On Ep. 131, we cover: 

  • Our biggest mistakes & lessons learned as online entrepreneurs
  • Why mistakes are critical to growing your business
  • How to avoiding the comparison trap and obsessing over followers count
  • Overcoming the desire to get it “perfect” 
  • Lessons learned around launches and offering products
  • Making true friendships in the online space (even with those who are your competitors)
  • The importance of patience when it comes to growing your business, and more!


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