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The Path of Least Resistance: How to Make Personal Branding Easy

If you didn’t already know, before I started my own business, I spent a few years working on Gary Vaynerchuk’s team, specifically, on his personal brand, Team Garyvee. Working with Gary on his brand was such an educational and life-changing experience, and that opportunity started my passion for personal branding (and I’ve been living and breathing it ever since!).

This week’s episode was an exciting one for me. I had the honor of being interviewed as a guest on The Sasha Group’s new podcast, Building While Flying, where they focus on tackling uncertain times by adopting an uncertainty mindset—we can’t predict the future, but we can listen, learn, apply and share as we all navigate complex times together. If you aren’t familiar with the Sasha Group, it’s part of the Vayner X umbrella of companies that services small and mid-sized businesses through a variety of marketing offerings.  

It was exciting to be able to reconnect and collaborate with the Vayner family, and this interview brings things full circle. Naturally, we chatted about all things personal branding. Whether you’re new to personal branding or not, this episode is full of valuable gems and takeaways!

The Path of Least Resistance: How to Make Personal Branding Easy

On Ep. 153, we cover:

  • My passion for personal branding: How I discovered it and developed my own brand
  • Why you should be developing your personal brand, especially if you are an entrepreneur 
  • The path of least resistance: How to approach your content strategy
  • Niching down: Why it’s critical to know exactly who you are talking to
  • Checks and balances: Why you need trusted people around you who will tell you “no”
  • What it actually means to be authentic and why it matters
  • Quickfire personal branding Q&A, what I’m up to next, and more!


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