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#108 Three Keys to Unlocking Your Personal Brand Online & How to Find Confidence in Your Authentic Voice (Part 1)

Unlocking Your Personal Brand Online

Are you ready to take your personal brand to the next level? 

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Heather Sager on her Finding Your It Factor podcast. Heather is a speaking coach dedicated to helping you develop a magnetic communication style and you may remember her from all of the value she dropped on Ep. #102 Top Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills to Grow Your Business (this is a MUST listen if you missed it!).

This is the most in-depth interview I’ve given around personal branding and we had such a great conversation covering where I’m at right now and my philosophy on personal branding that it only made sense to make it a two parter! 

In Part 1, we cover: 

  • The power of personal branding & why it’s necessary for everyone
  • My Three Keys (3C’s) to personal branding
  • Why LinkedIn is the easiest platform for content in 2020
  • Why there’s no need to feel stuck or unhappy where you’re at (you can control your outcomes!)
  • The balance of building a personal brand while you’re building a business
  • The importance of cultivating a “good with change” mindset, providing value to your audience and more!

And you won’t want to miss Part 2 where I’ll be getting very real about how and why I shifted my content consumption, how I deal with imposter syndrome, haters, triggers, how I gained confidence in my own voice & more!