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#93 How to Say No to Requests For Free Work While Growing Your Business

Raise your hand if someone’s asked if they could “pick your brain” or “hop on a quick 5 minute call to chat” or you’ve just been straight up asked to do work for free (or a discount) from friends, family, strangers…and then think about how it made you feel and what it did to your energy level.

And then comes the most awkward part for most people… how do you say NO – but nicely.

A couple episodes ago, I talked about when you should offer to do free work (and how to approach it the right way- you can listen to that here!). Today, my bff and online business expert, Danielle Prahl, joins me for a follow-up conversation about the other side of that coin – I’m talking what to do when people ask you to offer your precious time and energy for free.

Saying NO to Free Work

No one likes to feel taken advantage of – and that’s often what ends up happening when you say “yes” to everyone and anyone who asks you for your opinion and expertise (and this is true no matter what industry you’re in). It also takes your time and energy away from both the people who want to pay you what your worth for your services, and from the things you’d rather be doing (and the people you want to do them with!).

Join us for this episode where we cover: 

  • How to recognize when someone is valuing your time.. or not
  • What to do when friends and family ask for free work (or discounts)
  • How to decide if a business (or personal!) relationship isn’t worth keeping
  • How to handle all requests diplomatically without burning bridges
  • Why conserving your time and energy will make your MORE money
  • Why you should never feel guilty saying “no” … And more!
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